If you are here it means that you like good things, really good things, eating and drinking very well. You can find them on your own but do not always have the time to do it, we do it for you and deliver it directly to your home in the desired quantity. We have your same passion for food, except that for us it’s a job and for some of us it has been so for three generations, before it became fashionable to talk about it on television.


What do we do? Virtually nothing, if only more than eighty thousand miles a year that for at least thirty years we have travelled by car (not counting trains and planes) to sample a product, discover a producer or understand a territory through its fruits. Among these, in our own judgment  we consider excellent enough to buy them and offer them to those who follow us.


What about the price? There isn’t. What is expressed in euro (€) is the value to which we attach, with a bit of presumption, to each individual excellence that we can find. One litre of olive oil takes an average of six kilos of olives which is the annual production of an olive tree. The plant is cared for, the olives are harvested, pressed, the oil is bottled, shipped placed on shelves .... If you believe that everything is possible for a euro and eighty-nine cents (including bottle, label, and the earnings of all the various steps) maybe you do not understand the difference between price and value.

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