Altemasi Trento doc


Altemasi represents the excellence range of Cavit sparkling wines. It expresses all of Trentino’s well-deserved fame as a region with a special inclination for sparkling wines, thanks to the position of the hillside vineyards that reach altitudes of over 600 m above sea level. These products are made using the classic method winemaking procedure with second fermentation in the bottle; in particular Chardonnay grapes alone (Millesimato and Brut) or combined with Pinot Nero (Graal, Pas Dosé and Rosé), become the prestigious denomination: TRENTO D.O.C.

Trentino vineyards especially vocated to sparkling wine production – the Valle dei Laghi (6) the hills overlooking Trento (4) and the Brentonico plateau (3), located between 450 and 600 metres above sea level.


Exclusively Chardonnay

Straw-yellow colour with green hints

Complex aroma, very fine, with pleasant fruity notes of citrus and peach.

Dry flavour, pleasantly fresh, good, balanced structure

Between 36 to 48 months, minimum

Excellent as an aperitif and with fried prawns or escalopes

Altemasi Trento doc

750 ml

€ 15,20 20,27 €/l
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