Sour cherries in syrup

Morello Austera

The sour cherries are harvested cleaned stoned and drained. Their juice is cooked with sugar and left it cool. This procedure is repeated two more times when the fruit then gets added and cooks a few more minutes with natural flavours. The hot compote is then placed in sterillised jars at which point they are left to mature for two months before they can be eaten.

Cantiano (PU)

Total fruit: 50 gr per 100 gr.,  Total sugar: 43 gr per 100 gr.

Black cherries, sugar, carob bean flour, citruses rind, almond oil, cloves, cinnamon, Agar Agar. No added colours or preservatives

Store in refrigerator after opening 

Tradition has it that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, two entrepreneurs combined Amarena cherries from Cantiano with sugary syrup. The new product was so successful as to become known throughout Italy as a symbol of culinary finesse.

The nutritional value in the final product is exceptional considering the amount of vitamins that are retained. The traditional method provides the correct methodology for the preservation of the natural fruit, both for its nutritional value and for its taste.

Sour cherries in syrup

Morello Austera
330 g

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