Tomato Ketchup

Rob del Bosco Scuro

To call it ketchup is diminishing.

This is an extraordinary salsa with a tomatoe base. We will not even hark on it being organic, made ONLY with vegetables and little else, apple vinegar, brown sugar, salt and spices, that it’s liquid, or better NOT solid, because there are no thickeners or flour....we’ll just say that its delicious.

It is sweet, but not sickeningly so, it just tastes good, home made, with just an elegant hint of spice that makes you want to have another spoonful ....and that’s exactly how it ends...initially you taste it with your meat and potatoes but then you just end up having a spoonful on its own.

If someone has a child addicted to fast food let them try some good ground beef from the butcher, a side of home made french fried potatoes made with mountain potatoes and this salsa: their dependence will no longer be about the place but the goodness of the food.

In Piedmont ‘salsa rubra’ (red sauce) was popular long before the american version was imported to Italy.

If you have plans for a barbeque try it it is really great.

Cavriana (MN)


Organic tomatoes 80%, organic apple vinegar, organic brown sugar, organic carrots, organic apples,organic onions, sea salt, organic spices.

SOnce opened the ketchip should be used within a few daystore at  0-4° C.

Once opened the ketchip should be used within a few days.

Tomato Ketchup

Rob del Bosco Scuro
220 g

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