Ketchup or Rubra?


We are not about to go on about its characteristics such as that it is organic, or made primarily with vegetables and little else: apple vinegar, cane sugar, salt and spices. We are not going to go on about how it is a liquid (or better not solid) because there are no additives or flour....let’s just say that it is delicious!
It is sweet but not too sweet; it tastes of goodness, of homemade salsa, with a subtle and elegant spice to it that ends up leaving you wanting another spoon-full...because that is how it always ends up. At first you taste it as an accompaniment along with your meat dish or potatoes, but then, as it always happens, you end up eating it by the spoon-fulls. If any of you have children dependant on “fast food” let them try some freshly minced ground beef prepared by your butcher along with some homemade french fried mountain grown potatoes with this salsa: they will no longer be dependant on the sign but on the goodness of the product.
In Piedmont this “Rubra” salsa was discovered long before it became fashionable just because it was made in America.
If you have a barbecue date set in your calendar, try it, it really is delicious!

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