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Francesco, later Antonio, and today his sons Franco and Giuseppe, and their wives Marianna and Pina and grandchildren Valentina, Francesca and Antonio care for their land and cultivate vineyards with perseverance and hard work. Sandstone marl, white and dark lands, precious grapes all demonstrate the attention that the Argiolas family for generations have dedicated to produce wines that explain man, transmit history, convey art that all come together to testify to the land of Sardinia, and the area of Serdiana.   In antiquity Serdiana wasreferred to as ‘Xerdiani’ whereby the expanses of fragrant cedars, abundant water, fertile and hospitable land had been inhabited since Neolithic times, as documented by the vestiges of remains and artifacts found. Later Roman domination left its mark and circa year 1000  Benedictine monks pervaded leaving Santa Maria di Sibiola as testimony. Later still, in the twelfth century, Vittorini Marseille provided a good example of religious architecture all testimony to a rich past. A short distance away from the church lies a great lake "On Staini Saliu," at one time likely much larger is now home to a rich habitat containing many species of fauna including pink flamingos. In Serdiana the parish church of San Salvatore shows traces of late gothic architecture and the fortress Roberti retains the grandeur of its characteristically intricate laced towers. It was on the Pauli Mannu terrain where Antonio Argiolas planted his first vineyards and olive groves. Other farms were to follow such as IS Arais, IS Argiolas, Ungrera, and Turriga the later best known for the discovery of the homonymous mother goddess. A maze of vines decorates the earth and articulate the harvest of indigenous grapes which in the modern Serdiana cellar are fermented and then matured in oak barrels, important reds, ageing in bottles before heading out to the markets of the world. Flanked by the collaboration of Dr. James Tachis and the strength of three generations of work and sacrifice, in 1991 there was a turning point with the creation of the brand Argiolas with which furthered the distribution of products in the various markets, regional, domestic and foreign.

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