The Maison was founded in 1860 by EDMOND DE AYALA which arrived from his native Colombia in the middle of Champagne, precisely at Aÿ, at the Château with the same name. After the disaster of phylloxera that saw the vineyard Champagne move from 60,000 hectares in the 19th century, to 12,000 hectares in 1919, and the disastrous harvest of 1910, the tenants are plunged into an overwhelming misery. Furthermore a series of lootings and fires were to follow. La Maison is totally destroyed and later rebuilt by the famous architect in 1913 returning it to its former splendour. In 1934, the Maison was sold to Bank Ayala British Guinness however on November 8, 1937 René Maison CHAYOUX resumes the ownership. He was elected President of the 'Unions des Grandes Maisons de Champagne from 1942 to 1956, and at the same time acted as co-President of the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC), founded in 1941. Great trust and confidence led CHAYOUX René Jean-Michel Ducellier to designate his  collaborator  as his successor and head of its business and its assets in 1948. Maison Ayala, a family business, is one of the few independent champagne Houses. In 1969, with the death of René Chayoux, Jean-Michel Ducellier assisted his widow for 10 years, after which he fully took on the management of the Maison. By the ‘80s the Maison distributed a million bottles, half of which were for export to Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, United States and Mexico. On January 31, 2005, the Family-run estate of  Jacques Bollinger, wonover by the quality of its wines, purchased Maison Ayala. The group wants to return the Maison Bollinger Ayala he prestige that it once had. Hervé Augustin, "Champagne" of race, through the Maison Laurent-Perrier, Bollinger and Castellane, is responsible for the management today. For 25 years now, the quality of Ayala wines is the constant obsession of Nicolas Klym, the Chef de Cave. Situated at Aÿ in the heart of Champagne, Ayala has remained a little gem. With a vineyard of 80 hectares, Ayala is one of the rare Maison in Champagne to cover their needs through the use of grapes coming exclusively from its own vineyards, which guarantees the quality, regularity and uniqueness of its wine. Its production is very limited and the passion of his men, provide a unique quality.

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