I Benza are an old family of olive oil millers whose estate in Dolcedo (Ligurian Riviera) dates back to the sixteenth century. Their history began in 1853 when the great-grandparents owned a mill in the village of Lecchiore. Half a century later the great-grandfather bought the mill at Old Gombo of Dolcedo, the grandest and most typical of the Val Prino mills. Today however, friends, customers and visitors are welcomed in their new mill the right choice for safety, health and technology. The new techniques of pressing the olives have transformed many aspects of the work, but some things have remained unaltered such as the desire for ever-increasing quality. Their family have taught them that a good oil comes undoubtedly from a painstaking process, but also, and above all, from excellent olives and therefore each phase is cared for by them personally from flowering to harvest. The olives are all Taggiasca type olives and are pressed at the mill and never dissappointing.  The mill is open to the public as the owners love visiting customers and friends with whom they entertain with frequently. In every season, you can visit and taste the products. In winter, of course, you can watch the olives being pressed and buy olive oil at the very moment in which it is produced.

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