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The rice mill Cà Vecchia is a family-run business that has guaranteed the quality of its products for years in all stages of rice cultivation and has recently dealt with the transformation of the traditional rice varieties Vialone Nano and Carnaroli Mantua checking each step carefully. The high quality standard forsees controlling the rupture and impurities, presenting a standard of almost absolute purity. In fact, great attention to detail is paid at each level of production, from the choice of seed to its drying, from the processing and transformation searching for a balance between an artisanal craft and sophisticated technology of optical sorting that guarantees a quality of rice for those who view it has a reason to live, and finally to its packaging in innovative and stylish vacuum-packed jars packaged in a modified atmosphere. This innovative packaging system in jars in a modified atmosphere guarantees the consumer a product with unaltered organoleptic characteristics and not least a benefit from both a health point of view but also from an aesthetic point of view, in fact, the protective atmosphere is obtained by packaging the product in a 'atmosphere from which the oxygen is first removed and then replaced by a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Unlike only vacuum-packing which inhibits the action of aerobic microorganisms, the use of a protective atmosphere also acts on aerobic microorganisms and on the microflora typical of rice. The result is .... a great rice from every point of view.

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