La Cantina Cortaccia is located on one of the hottest wine areas of Italy, situated on beautiful slopes at an altitude between 200 and 900 meters well suited to the production of red and white wines. An excellent quality of grapes, long tradition, the use of modern winemaking techniques, in-depth know-how, a constant and uncompromising initiative, the promise of the highest quality and a guarantee of the proper aging of their finest wines distinguishes the Estate. The Cortaccia Cellar is located directly on the wine route South of Alto Adige. The area is characterized by a special microclimate: in summer, it is not uncommon to see temperatures of 40 ° C. making this area one of the hottest in Italy and designating it to producing great red and white wines. White wines, full of character, originate from in the airy slopes that surround the area of Cortaccia whereby the red wines are characterized by their typicalness. The unique soil, the vines that grow in natural rhythms and a winemaker who prefers gentle processing gives rise to acclaimed and award-winning wines from the world's most important wine guides. The Cortaccia winery has been well known by connoisseurs of wine across the province for over 10 years the has become one of the most attractive and best examples of viticulture in South Tyrol. The potential of its geographical position, on hills, extending from 200 to 900 m. of altitude can be defined as unique.

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