It was in 1915 that Adolfo Donelli decided to turn his passion into a job! The bottles created in the cellar at his home were no longer sufficient to satisfy the growing demand.
There was no shortage of enthusiasm and enterprise, or of appreciation and recognition.His fame and his Lambrusco soon extended beyond the boundaries of the generous Emilian territory.During almost a century, the estate’s DNA has remained the same.
The desire to make Lambrusco internationally famous has made us a globally renowned estate with a talent for exports, in which the latest technologies are placed at the service of tradition.
Love for the territory and its prestigious wines make us proud to publicize our traditions.Farsightedness and immense determination make us consider every aspect of wine, linking it to sport and to culture. The wonderful Jeroboams, produced in a limited edition that celebrate the anniversaries of the establishment of Ferrari and Maserati are an example, together with those conceived and designed by the great artist Wainer Vaccari.
There are also many prestigious collaborations and sponsorships all over the world.For years Donelli has been the exclusive official supplier of wines and balsamic vinegar of Team Ferrari Marlboro on the Formula 1 circuits, present at the leading Italian sports championships.

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