The farm Elvio Cogno stands on top of the hill Bricco Ravera in Novello, in Langa, in one of the eleven municipalities of the Barolo area. The ancient manor house from the eighteenth century w         as established surrounded by eleven acres of vineyards. After the long and important break La Morra with the association Marcarini, in 1990 purchased the beautiful historic farmhouse in the town of origin of the family, then restored and brought it back to the glories of the past. Today, after a perfect recovery, the estate is located in a fabulous landscape of sky and hills, characterized by an exceptional turquoise horizon, at sunset on a clear day, frames the farm like in a painting. For this reason the area, land of excellent wine, was coined "Petorchino". The Cogno family has been dedicated to viticulture in Langa for four generations: the values of history and tradition, represented by Elvios’ advice, joins the freshness and innovation brought by his daughter Nadia and her husband Valter Fissore. The company Elvio Cogno in the footsteps of master Elvio, continues to produce wines that tell the story of the family, while maintaining the traditions, the style, the flavors that the Langa region expressed through the variety of its grapes. The great wines of Elvio Cogno were begun in the old barn of a farmhouse remodeled to face the great challenges  of producing wine. Through a careful and rational management of the vineyard without extremism and forcing, with low yields per hectare, while maintaining the biological balance of the vines, Valter Fissore and Nadia Cogno cultivate rigorously autochthonous varieties: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nascetta. The economical use of technology, without altering what Mother Nature creates, optimizes the production process: long submerged cap fermentation and spontaneous, decanting, accurate aging in wood. The result is high quality grapes, balanced wines, rich but not excessive, docile yet elegant character and a classic impression. The wines of Casa Cogno wish to convey emotions and be remembered as a good accompaniment that gladdens the soul of those who taste it with exciting sincerity.

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