A farmer’s son brought up in the respect of the land, Georges Lacombe is an atypical character par excellence.
From early childhood, he already showed an unwonted taste for nonconformism. In primary school he took great fun in smearing his schoolmates’ fair locks in ink.. .and as soon as he managed to reach secondary education, he grew to be an expert in the far more perilous games of ragging. He also became involved in management, albeit rather insidiously, by creating his very own first « Mickeys » club in which fellow dunces got priority membership.Such was his impression of running things that he soon got a taste for more independent ventures. While still a sixth former he created and edited a weekly magazine called "l'Eclectique", in which school activities were reviewed, some of which connected with wine.
This is precisely when he developed a passion for wine which would never leave him.
The young man brimming with energy finally fell back into line in his late teens and started work, embarking on a career in industry and moving to Paris. Meanwhile he intended to improve himself and went on to attend evening classes, ending up a qualified engineer with CITROEN, the car makers.
Then came the big leap. His land roots took him to the Lot, near Cahors, where he launched his first vinegrowing venture. There he met a pretty girl from Bordeaux who was to become his wife. In 1989, their daughter married an oenologist from Champagne. That ‘s when he fell in love with the Champagne region.
He bought a small vineyard which he extended progressively by restructuring and planting. He now heads a 12-hectare estate, mostly in the Marne valley. His brand now enjoys a strong reputation in Champagne. Passion, pugnacity, expertise and a sturdy character are words often associated with the name of Georges Lacombe.

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