By the 1960s the policy of vinifying grapes from individual sites separately made it necessary to extend the cellar, then once again in the 1990s. In the meantime Martin Foradori had taken over the estate from his father Paolo and it fell to him to solve the problem by extending the cellars "skyward". In 1997 he had a modern wood-panelled ‘wine tower’ built directly beside the late Gothic church tower, Tramin’s landmark which dominates the townscape.
This audacious plan has turned out extremely well – the estate building accords due respect to the House of God and manifests the winegrower’s credo, that of uniting harmoniously the new and the old, in keeping with the modern culture of wine production.
The cellar in which the wine is stored and matured is ingeniously ventilated and maintained at ideal temperatures. Shafts capture the katabatic wind from Tramin’s home mountain, the Roen to ventilate the cellars and keep the air humidity at ideal levels, while a multi-layered "transpiring" external and internal insulating system ensures that the temperature is kept constant. In this way natural powers, the wind and thermal currents are exploited to keep the wine in the tower under optimum conditions while saving energy. The top floor of the tower is a tasting room. With its all-round adjustable glazing behind wooden slats it affords a superb view of the Tramin vinescape. When wine enthusiasts look upwards through a skylight they are greeted with the sight of the tapering church steeple, beneath which the wine in their glasses has matured and mellowed.

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