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A Gragnano pasta production is an ancient art, an aspect of its historical heritage, culture, traditions and secrets. To be born and live in Gragnano means to be filled with the heady flavors and aromas of exciting durum wheat semolina pasta that comes about and ... like magic ... you can not do without! Mario Moccia albeit an important and historic cheese maturing producer, being from Gragnano could not resist the lure ... and bought a famous factory in 1976 at a time of deep crisis in the pasta industry dedicating "with many difficulties, in an unhappy time for the pasta," his whole life to the full restoration of the building in the historical center, the construction of the new plant as well as the revitalization of pasta and its brand, and contributing to the affirmation and redevelopment of Gragnano pasta in markets around the world by founding COPAG the first consortium of pasta of Gragnano. After years (from 1994, when the pasta was sold) for love - for love in honor of his father, the second generation refounded the pasta factory with a production of great quality not being able to resist the magic .... the exhalting flavors and scents of Gragnano!

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