In 1866 Carlo Martinez founded a wine producing firm which was destined to become one of the most ancient firms in Marsala. Carlo was a wine producer, but he was also interested in a lot of other activities. In fact he founded a commercial enterprise interested in banking services, agencies, buying and selling of goods on behalf of a third party and so on. Carlo was from Palermo, where he knew Ignazio Florio. They became so good friends that Carlo worked as a representatiue of Florio ceramics in Napoli. There he met Angelina Miraglies, who later was his wife.
Carlo named his second-born son "Domenico Florio Martinez" to consolidate his friendship with Ignazio. This name has been repeated with the other descendants.
Our firm covers an area of about 6, 000 square metres and it includes the wine processing area, the Marsala wine ageing area and the wine bottling area. It has a capacity of over 40, 000 hectolitres; 8,000 of which are put into oak and cherry-wood casks, necessary in Marsala wine and fortified wines ageing process.
We put on the market about the 10% of the cellar's reserves. The wine ageing process follows the "solera" method, filled with never-ending vintage wines, for almost all the products. This method is characterized by a particular process: the casks are arranged in column, one below the other; the 10% of wine is taken from the lowest casks to be bottled, while the empty space determined is filled with the wine taken from the upper casks.
In such a way we obtain a wine with the same characteristics from year to year. Our technicians take personally care of supplying by carefully selected vine-growers and they control the production cycle up to the vintage.

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