Master Roberto Mezzadri is the oldest member of the Consortium "Ancient Producers of the Culatello of Zibello" and he makes Culatello according to the traditional customs and habits, with a strict discipline. Each product bears the mark of the Coterie.
Flanked by his son Fernando, to whom he shares his own experience, Roberto Mezzadri offers an extraordinarily sweet Culatello, softness stemming from the outside edge, a sumptuous ruby-red colour, an intense aroma released as cut.
he company was founded in the ‘50s and represents the passion and dedication of a lifetime. Roberto Mezzadri dedicated himself to a high profile and handicraft production. At the age of 78, he still works with the methodologies and care of the past.
The careful choice of meat and the processing as an ancient ritual prepare a fresh Culatello which needs a daily commitment to mature. The seasoning makes use only of natural air streams and of no air- conditioning; it takes place in old cellars, where the dull red of the bricks is accompanied by the warmth of the colour of Culatello as the aging leads it to perfection.
The geographic location creates an unique environment, where humidity and mists rising from the Po River, alternate with the summer heat, both needed to mature the Produkte.
Roberto Mezzadri is a founding member of the Consortium of Culatello of Zibello, which is recognized as a Slow Food protected area. He is the oldest producer in this uniquely designated area and he is passing down his experience to his son Fernando, to continue to offer a Culatello of incomparable taste and softness.

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