To beginning of Twentieth century, two entrepreneur put in production the Amarena of Cantiano, preparation of sour cherries preserved in sugar syrup, that had so much success to get knowin all italy and become symbol of gastronomic refinement.
One of this producers was for years offcial supplier of Savoia real home. The sour cherry is a wild cherry that loves limestone, clayey lands with a ph above to seven, it has a red ruby colour, rich of pulp and juice of variety “prunus cerasus vulgaris austera”, it has wide spread and strewn into countries and hills of Montefeltro.
Like rustic plant, it is adapt to bring out marginal zone, it can reach also seven metres of height. Fruit’s harvesting is done into last two week of june, the working must be made in short time and not exceed five days from harvesting that usually is done less hot hours or even in the night. All of this to keep concentrated fruit’ property.
It might remember the Amarasca or Marasca of Adriatic coast but this two variety are red lively colour, bigger and sweeter than Wild sour cherry.
This last gets work to obtain jams, wild sour cherry wine, amarena in syrup and to accompany ice-cream, general cream, cottage cheese, and other confectionery as well as to bring out game plats.

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