The Slitti company was founded in 1969 as a Coffee Roasting Plant by Slitti Luciano who, tired of serving unsatisfactory coffee in his shop decided to make coffee himself. Coffee insiders know well how difficult it is to produce a blend of coffee that everyone can agree upon because its essence depends upon personal experience, the sensitivity of the palate and the type of customers you market to. Luciano Slittis’ passion and determination lead him to serve and distribute his coffee to prestigious addresses where he became known for the quality of his product. By 1988, when even his children, Daniele and Andrea Slitti become involved in the company and felt the urge to futher develope its repitoire going beyond Colonial coffee and branch out towards chocolate.  The secret of the companies success is in the Slitti family and to the love they have for their work, their careful selection of raw materials, and to their fully artisanal methods, and have thus been able to establish themselves internationally. The ability in which Andrea Slitti can process chocolate has accustomed us to witness accomplishments by which we remain fascinated each and every time. Through his mastery and artistic talent he has won the most prestigious international competitions in which he has participated.

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